Our Services

Here at Skelmersdale Brake Testing Facility, we conduct brake tests in real-life situations with laden vehicles.

Our unique approach involves loading the vehicles ourselves, ensuring accurate and reliable brake assessments.

Our skilled technicians handle all manner of brake repairs and part supplies on-site. Before your vehicle leaves our facility, we ensure that wheels are properly re-torqued, tyre pressures are checked, and the speed and load ratings of the tyres meet the requirements for the vehicle’s axle weights.

We also inspect brakes for future repairs, addressing issues like minor cracks in brake discs, low brake pads, and leaking chambers immediately. All repairs are documented and dated for your maintenance records.

In addition, we perform other minor repairs, such as replacing light bulbs, and align our services with your PMI inspection dates to ensure your vehicle or trailer is always roadworthy. For vehicles booked for MOT, we can conduct brake tests to ensure they meet the required standards.

Our experience has shown that unladen trailers often pass brake tests with minimal brake force. However, when these trailers are loaded, significant issues can arise, particularly with glazed brake pads due to overheating and cooling cycles.

Replacing brake pads can dramatically improve braking performance and overall safety.

We invite you to take advantage of our comprehensive services, ensuring your fleet is maintained to the highest standards. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist with your vehicle maintenance needs.

Laden Brake Testing

Thorough tests under real loads. Legal compliance assured. Detailed performance reports. Skilled technicians ensure quality.

Un-Laden Brake Testing

Unladen brake test assessments focusing on response accuracy and safety under light-load conditions. Ensure reliability in unladen scenarios.

Wheel Nut Retorqueing

Precise torquing for safety. Regular maintenance service. Individual nut inspection. Proactive safety measures applied.